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The Story Of Let's Celebrate locally

After living in the Pacific NorthWest my entire life, my daughter asked me if I would consider moving to Arizona, when she and her husband transferred here for work in January, 2020. She knew it would be difficult to be so far from all of her family. I was thrilled she asked, but arrived to my new Arizona home in April, 2020 just as everything was starting to go on lockdown due to the Covid. New home, new city and I wasn’t supposed to go anywhere.

And now, what to do for my daughter’s 25th birthday while lockdown was in full swing?! We were far away from all our family and friends, quarantined, and every restaurant in the area was officially closed. Birthday’s are meant to be celebrated (as well as so many other occasions), and like most mamas, I wasn’t going to let a little pandemic or distance get in the way of celebrating someone so important to me.  

I have always had a love of party planning and a passion for making people feel special.

I decided to throw a virtual surprise party via Zoom for my daughter’s birthday! I sent party boxes filled with charcuterie, cocktail makings, a birthday treat and party favors. It was important that our family and friends felt every bit a part of the celebration, as if they were in my home. My daughter was surprised and so happy to connect and share a birthday toast with the people most important to her! And the people most important to her were so happy they could be apart of the celebration, even though we were hundreds of miles apart. 

I planned my first virtual celebration

for my daughter's birthday during the quarantine.

Let's Celebrate Locally

I wanted to help make virtual celebrations as fun and easy with their friends and families as it was for ours! I started Let’s Celebrate Virtually to do just that! Virtual celebrations really are fun with our Happy Hour boxes, a game or conversation starter(we have ideas for you) and good company. 

It occurred to me people are now, more than ever, too far away from their family and friends to celebrate special occasions in person.

Pandemic not required!!

I started

our packaged
party boxes

include options for both sophisticated happy hours and birthday party fun. I am continually searching for excellence in the products I procure. These boxes are perfect for virtual celebrations, but also work as great gifts to say

Thank You, Congratulations, or Thinking of you. All you have to do is find the perfect box for you and your guests, or gift recipient, and check out! The party is on it’s way!!

french masculine

anchorage alaska


01. my name is spelled

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04. My passion is

03. I love

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podcast junkie

france, italy, spain

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Anchorage, Alaska


podcast junkie

dogs name is spelled

02. I lived in

05. secret sport


france, italy & spain


07. I want to travel to

06. I am a 

08. I love being

04. my passion is

03. I love

French masculine

fun facts

my two daughters,
all dogs,
women who are good to other women
& Chelsea Kitchen’s chocolate cake!
And if I’m being honest, a well aged Tequila (in moderation of course)

a few of my favorite things

as well as give back to my new community through donations and procurement of products from other small and local businesses in Arizona.

gives me the opportunity to do something I love,

Your purchases & support

thought in every detail

I carefully curated and handcraft these boxes with intention and care. I seek local businesses to work with... etc. 

our packaging is intentional

THANK YOU for REUSING and RECYCLING the packages coming your way!

So say hello to nearly naked 100% recycled boxes!

  • 100% Recycled Gift & Shipping Boxes - Reuse, Recycle or Compost them (along with the wood or paper shred),
  • Ribbon made from Recycled Plastic, Recycled Velvet or all Natural Eco-friendly Materials,
  • All Rocks, Wine Carafes & Glasses, as well as Champagne Flutes made from Recycled Water Bottles,
  • Only Reusable or Paper Straws,
  • Compostable Clear Bags,
  • Minimally packaged food,

We’re doing what we can to use and provide Recycled, Recyclable, Reusable, Compostable or Biodegradable items whenever possible!  As well as, using as many local eco-friendly vendors as possible, to cut down on shipping and impact to the environment.

I care deeply not only about our environment but thoughtfulness and bringing only the best products to you.


learn How I give back

"To whom much is given, much will be required"
 (Luke 12:48). To me, this passage means we should be respectful and responsible with what we have. If we have been blessed, it is expected that we benefit others.  

I take this passage to heart and I am dedicated to living my life and company with this wisdom.

to my community


With each purchase I give back a percentage to an organization that will use the donation to help as many people groups as possible.

*the organization occasional changes.

salvation Army*


All foods & non-alcoholic beverages nearing an expiration date are donated to a local food bank here in the greater Phoenix area.

Local Food bank

giving back

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with us

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